Midpoint Conference

June 24-26, 2015
Fordham's Lincoln Center Campus

Opening Presentations

Opening Remarks
Stephen Grimm

Philosophy & Psychology - Interdisciplinary Overview
Tania Lombrozo

Michael Strevens

Lightning Previews
All Presenters


Understanding as a Form of Respect
Remy Debes

Virtue and Understanding
Alison Hills

Are Historical and Aesthetic Understanding Distinctively Individualizing?
Robert Hopkins

Kinds and Degrees of Understanding — The Interplay between Scientific Expertise and Everyday Understanding
Henk de Regt

True Enough
Catherine Elgin

The Production of Public Understanding
Matthew Slater
& Jason Leddington

Philosophical Understanding and Scientific Inquiry
Gordon Graham

What Kind of Understanding do the Humanities Provide and How Does it Differ from that of the Sciences?
Jenann Ismael


Varieties of Understanding: Early Cognitive Development
Henry Wellman

Understanding through the Body and the World
Barbara Tversky

Errors of Scientific Understanding: Revisiting the Seductive Allure Effect
Deena Weisberg

To Give a Fish, or Teach How to Fish? How We Understand Others to Help Others Understand
Hyowon Gweon

Instructional Approaches for Promoting Understanding: Teaching for Transfer
Jennifer Coffman
& Peter Ornstein

Minimal Causal Explanation
David Lagnado
& Steven Sloman

Berkeley Research Panel
Daniel Wilkenfeld
& Nadya Vasilyeva

The Interplay of Subjective and Objective Understanding in Financial Decision-Making
Philip Fernbach
& Bart De Langhe

A Sensemaking Model of Informal Science Education
Todd Gureckis
& Marjorie Rhodes


A Cross-Cultural Inquiry into Religious Understanding
J. Aaron Simmons
& Martin Schuster

God Talk: Differentiating Implicit Understanding and Explicit Expression of God among Theists and Atheists
Mary Harmon-Vukic

Understanding and Christian Doctrine
Michael Higton

New Models of Religious Understanding
Fiona Ellis

Commentators-at-Large Panel

Heather Battaly,
David Danks,
Allan Hazlett,
& Soazig Le Bihan

Additional Participants

Fordham and Other Participants

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